Welcome to Noonswoon!

Welcome to Noonswoon!


I have been thinking about writing a Noonswoon’s blog since the early days of Noonswoon. For me, it would be fun to share the stories of our adventures. Finally, after putting our heads down and fixing many critical (and mysterious) bugs, I feel that our system is quite stable and my mind has rested a bit and able to share our stories now :)…People might took these guys a year and a half to just do this ‘simple app’ with 3 screens?. Haha..yep it took us a year and a half to build this ‘simple app’.

Many people have asked why we started Noonswoon. It is surprising to me too. I haven’t thought to myself that one day I will be running a dating company. Frankly speaking, I had not seen the needs or these “finding significant other” problems at all. My dating life had been cruising along just fine…until one day in 2012. No need to fill in any details here but I could say that it was an eye-opening experience. From that days onward, I began to grasp how hard it is for me, and for other people, to find someone you like, someone who is compatible to you, and someone that is still available for you. With all the technologies available these days, may be I can create something cool that can solve this the-search-of-your-life problem.

Noonswoon was just an idea and a simple prototype and wasn’t really born until Aaron and Peter had decided to jump on the same boat with me. Aaron was a former student of mine back at Chulalongkorn Business School. He took my class back in 2008 and we manage to still keep in touch. He was having a hard-time with his previous startups project and wasn’t happy with his existing job at an international software company. For Peter, a Stanford professor, Dr. Andreas Weigend, is the person who introduced us. Peter was working at a Agoda company where Dr. Weigend is an advisor. Andreas invited his co-workers at Priceline to have dinner with me back in 2010 and that was when I met Peter. In 2012, Peter was working at a startups in New York and was on his leave to attend his friend’s wedding in India. The flight had a layover in Bangkok and that was when I got to reconnect with Peter again. We had a long talk one night. I told him that Aaron and I had been building the first version of Noonswoon for about a month now. Peter liked the idea since he is still single too 😉 (we both understand the pains). We decided to catch up with each other when he finished with his friend’s wedding trip. It turned out that Peter didn’t get a chance to go to India. US citizen needs a visa to go to India and he didn’t know/have that…haha..duh. Another coincidence was that Peter’s startups in Manhattan got acquired during that same time. He ended up staying in Thailand and has been a noonswooner since then.

So that was a brief story of the beginning of Noonswoon. What does Noonswoon mean? It comes from 2 words: “Noon” and “Swoon”. Noon is the noon time, 12 o’clock. Swoon is a butterfly feeling you have in your stomach when you see someone you like. Why noon? If you are still single and have used our app, you will know that Noonswoon introduces one person to you every day at noon, hence the name Noonswoon.

So this is the summary of how we are here and what we are here for. Sense of belonging or “Love” is a fundamental need in every human being. We want to create something cool and useful so people can get better chances of finding their special ones for their lives.


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Hi everyone! I am Mickey, the guy behind Noonswoon. I started Noonswoon in 2013 with the aim of giving people like us a chance to meet more interesting people. Hope you guys like what we built. And any feedback or comments are gladly welcome!

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